Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ravan: "Tell me child, what do u want?"
Pappu: "i want 100 vardan's"
Ravan: "but i can give u only 3 vardans"
Pappu: "but i want 100 vardans"
Ravan: "no child, that's not possible"
Pappu: "no i want 100 means 100"
Ravan: "no i can give u only 3 if u want then take or else i m going."
Pappu: "ok but whatever 3 i ask u, will you grant me surely?"
Ravan: "sure, its promise from rakshas raj Ravan"
Pappu: "1st vardan, convert that GADA on ur shoulder to wodden bamboo stick"
Ravan: "tathastu" and his Gada turns into a stick.
Pappu: "second vardan, put that stick in ur a**hole"
Ravan: (confused but........)"tathastu" and in great pain asks pappu toaskfor the third vardan asap...
Pappu: "now, are you giving me rest 98 vardans or should i ask forconverting that stick again to GADA ??"


Blogger workhard said...

LOL!!!!! That was a good one

You are very humourous

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December 21, 2009 at 11:24 PM  

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